Southeast Cottage Linens

Linen Rental Policies

Submitting your order: 
We suggest you place your linen order with Southeast Cottage Linens as soon as you confirm your cottage rental. ~ We offer convenient and secure online ordering at ~ Orders should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to arrival by phone, online or e-mail to ensure availability. ~ If an order discrepancy is noticed (i.e., different bed size) we will attempt to notify you of the change, however, please double check the cottages configuration with the rental company as we do not know of changes made my owners or rental companies and are not responsible for cottage configuration changes. ~ We will deliver only what you request. ~ Same day orders must be called into our office at (912) 223-0610 or (912) 424-4361 and are subject to a $30.00 delivery fee & subject to availability.  

Please visit our Facebook page for updated information 


Pricing and Payment: 
All prices are per week (7 days). ~ Additional weeks available for an additional fee. ~ There is a $20.00 delivery/pickup fee on all orders. ~ No credit will be issued for unused linen or early departure. ~ Orders must be prepaid. ~ Minimum order is $35.00 (not including delivery fee). 


Refund Policy: 

We are sorry that your linen order did not fulfill your expectations or meet your needs. Once your linens have been delivered to your cottage, there is no refund for the linens delivered even if they are not used, because no other client can use the linens you have requested during your stay & date(s). 


Changes to your Order: 
Additions, subtractions, or substitutions are allowed. ~ Please complete any request within 48 hours (about 2 days) of your scheduled arrival. ~ Once your linen request is pulled & departs for delivery, any additions are subject to an additional delivery fee as we are not located on the island. ~ Cancellations must be received at least 1 week in advance for full refund. ~ Orders cancelled within 1 week of the scheduled arrival date are subject to a $25.00 restocking fee. 


Inclement Weather: 

Should there be a mandatory evacuation of the island due to a hurricane or any other inclement weather. ~ Linens will not be delivered & refunds will be issued if Property Management cancels your reservation. ~ Should you already be in the rental unit & advised to evacuate, no refunds will be issued. 


Linen Delivery: 
Deliveries will be made by 5 p.m. on your scheduled arrival date. ~ Linen orders will be delivered to the cottage and placed inside the door; we have keys to the cottages, so you do not have to be there for delivery. ~ Please review your linen order immediately after arrival so that if any order error is found, they can be brought to our attention quickly and resolved for you. ~ Order errors must be brought to our attention within 24 hours of delivery by phoning (912) 223-0610 or

(912) 424-4361 as we are approximately 40 minutes from the island. ~ Failure to do so will be interpreted as negligence on your part & we are not held responsible for order errors. ~ We cannot fix what we do not know. 


Linen Pickup: 
Pickups start at 10 a.m. on your scheduled departure date. ~ Please be sure all linens are placed back into the laundry basket and left inside the cottage, 
DO NOT place mattress pads, bedspreads & other items belonging to the property with rental items, we have keys to the cottages and will collect linens upon your departure. ~ If we must go through the cottage & collect linens, strip beds a $25.00 fee will be charged. ~ If you are planning a late checkout or extend your stay, please advise us of the change so we do not disturb your vacation. ~ DO NOT ROLL UP OR PLACE WET LINENS IN LAUNDRY BASKET - MILDREW WILL RESULT, place them on the floor beside laundry basket. ~ A fee will be assessed for each missing or damaged item as described below. Note: “Damaged” includes stains we are unable to remove. 


Schedule Fee for lost or damaged items: 

Laundry Basket: $15.00        

California King: $40.00 

King: $30.00 

Queen: $25.00 

Full: $20.00 

Twin: $15.00 

Bath towel: $10.00        

Hand towel: $ 5.00 

Wash cloth: $5.00        

Bathmat: $5.00        

Pillowcase/covers: $5.00        

Kitchen towel/rag: $5.00        

Pillows: $20.00                                                                   

Beach Towel: $10.00 

Blankets: $20.00 

Crib sheet: $10.00 

Pac-n-Play Sheets: $10.00 

Highchair: $50.00 

Pac-n-Play: $80.00 


Credit card information will be collected and stored through secure means and will only be shared with the company contracted by us to process our credit card transactions. Once all our business pertaining to your order is complete, all credit card information will be deleted from our machines and all hard copies destroyed. ~ We may retain other personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, in a secure manner to facilitate future orders